Alex & Rueben’s Stories

(Pictured above: the area where Alex & Rueben live and where we are bringing water, called Oletukat.  This area has never had a water supply within several kilometers… until now .)

Alex, 2016

I can say God is very great because to bring you here is His grace and mercy.

My name is Alex and I’m in my third year of high school.  I live here in Oletukat, Kenya.  I’m so happy about the water.  We had to walk about 5km and back 5km, making a total of 10, for the water so it was so difficult.  We find it so hard.  So this water is so helpful to us.  Our parents find it especially difficult because they feel so tired going to and from the river.  They have to wash clothes, cook with it, drink.  And they have just a small bucket to get the water so they have to go twice a day.  Quickly we use up the bucket of water and have to go back for more.  So our community is so happy about the water coming here.  All of us are happy.  We really thank you and hope you continue coming up with other projects to help our community.  We are sure that God is going to bless you and reward you.

-written by Alex, resident of Oletukat, Kenya, 2016

Rueben, 2016

Hi I’m Rueben.  We are thankful for the job you are doing to bring water to us. Again we want to thank you.  We really say thank you.  Our parents are so thankful and so happy.

People used to go far to fetch the water, about 10km. It’s even just dirty going up and down to the river.  As students we face a lot of trouble because we go to school dirty.  We hope to take a shower now because we have this water.  Even we hope it will help our animals.  The Massai people use animals to take care of ourselves.  The animals lose a lot of energy going down to the river.  When there is a drought they end up dying.  We are so blessed to get this water.

The water is even going to help our plants in the garden.  We in the Massai, we only wait for water in the form of rainfall and we can do nothing without the rainfall.  You know our place is an arid place. We wait for three months for it to rain. We grow plants that we can harvest for 3-4 months of the year for food and when it is done, it is done. But now with this water I think we will be able to grow plants for many more months of the year.  We are going to be helped as a Massai community in many ways.  Thank you.

-written by Rueben, resident of Oletukat, Kenya, 2016


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