Hi my name is Cecilia & I just graduated from high school. I was brought up by my grandmother. My mom passed on when I was very, very young.  Even I can’t remember what she looked like.  All my life I never got to know who my dad was.  At some point one of my aunts came to stay with us.  Then she left her kids… two of them.  2009 my grandfather passed on.  My grandmother had nothing that she could support us with… She had no job.  She just did a little work selling charcoal and a little dairy shop.  So it was really hard for her to pay my school fees and to pay for my other cousins’ school fees.  So when she saw that things were getting very hard, that’s when she came to seek assistance from Nasha and I thank God because I really don’t know if I would’ve studied then because it was really hard for her.

So I joined high school and I thank God because if it wasn’t for her and you people I don’t know if I’d be here and happy to meet other people.  I just can’t quite express how happy I am.  I want to go to the university and make the best that it can be so that there are many people who haven’t got such opportunities as me and I believe that one day I will also touch a soul like mine was and do something great to somebody out there.  Yeah.  Thank you.

-Written by Cecilia, Jan 2015

2017 update – Cecilia is in her 2nd year of college, studying journalism
Cecilia, 2011 🙂

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