img_3488Today a boy named Mathi romps around the city of Chennai. He’s a tall and lanky kid who likes to cause trouble and laugh. He is the ring leader of the pack.  Mischief and boyhood flow from his veins.  His smile is contagious and it doesn’t stop.  He’s a 6th grader attending school by day and a star on the street playing cricket by night.

You’d never guess it wasn’t always like this.

A couple years ago Mathi lost his mom.  And then he lost his dad.  And then he lost his grandma.  Mathi had no one.  He stopped going to school by day and slept alone by night.  He was sad and confused and alone and hopeless.

But Mathi received a backpack full of school supplies from The Hope Venture in 2013.  Through that and the love and prayer of The Hope Venture partners, Mathi went back to school!  He began studying again!  He entered 4th grade not alone.  He entered 4th grade with a support system of Hope Venture partners who cared for him and loved him.  He even began coming to our Hope Venture Feeding Center where he could have a healthy meal every day.

It started with a backpack.  That led to a network of people who would be there for Mathi.  Today Mathi is in 6th grade and he’s that boy we described at the beginning of this story.  He has people who teach him, who pray for him, who care for him, who feed him, and who love him.  Today a boy named Mathi has hope.

Written by Caleb & Cynci Petersen, 2015



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