Meet Praveen.

He loves to laugh and play and sing, and sometimes he has to drink water from a dirty pond.

Praveen lives in Vaivaka, a small village in Andra Pradesh that regularly hits temperatures above 100 degrees. That is 100 degrees with no air conditioning and no water. That is unimaginable heat, unbearable heat. His village has been scorched by famine for the last couple years, so Praveen has two options if he wants to quench his thirst.

Option A) he can walk or ride his bicycle 3 kilometers under the scalding hot sun to the nearest well.

Option B) he can drink the dirty water from the pond that, on occasion, isn’t dried up.

Luckily, Praveen’s options are changing. A third option is being added to the list.
Option C) he can drink clean water from a well right next to his school and church. Praveen is beaming with excitement about this last option, and he doesn’t even know that millions of people in India are dying due to bad water. He is simply excited about the fact that he can be a kid! He can play and sing and laugh, and not have to worry about when he will be able to get some water again. Think about how happy his parents are, knowing their son will be healthy. This is the impact The Hope Venture’s wells are having on people’s lives. Needs are being met, and lives are being saved.

-written by Caleb Petersen


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