In an indian village called Daickumalla, they used to have this great 10k. Almost every family in the village would send one representative to join in. They didn’t need training; they didn’t need preparation, it was just something they did.

One family would send their oldest child, Sai. He’s a tall lanky kid, with a shy and innocent smile. Yet Sai didn’t like this 10k. In fact, no one liked this 10k.

That’s because this 10k is different from our 10k’s in every way except the measurement of the distance. You see, this 10k happens every single day. There was no option to skip. Their lives depended on it. At the end of the first 5 kilometers was the only access to water this village had.

So each family would send one person on a bicycle. They would ride under the scorching hot sun in the hottest state in India, carrying two 20L buckets on each side. They did this because they literally had to. This was no saturday morning with bagels, photos, and music. This was every morning with sweat, dirt, and difficulty.

Until one day, when this village was provided with a clean water well. Now hundreds of people are benefitting from the most basic human need: water. Yes, water. Now the curse of the 10k has been lifted, and families are rejoicing, and so is Sai.




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