I want to introduce you to Shobana.
She is maybe the cutest fourth grader you will ever meet. Every time you shake her hand she giggles and sneaks behind the comfort of her mom’s legs. Her smile is big and bright, and full of life. She’s a dreamer, too. According to her, her dream is “to help all the people.” What a beautiful thing, this girl wants to help everyone, yet she has almost nothing.
Shobana lives in a tiny hut for a house. Last december her house was filled 4 feet deep with water. A couple years before that her father committed suicide, leaving her with her mother and brother. Shobana has suffered greatly in her life, and is in desperate need.
In the midst of this suffering has been a constant lifeline for Shobana and her family, that is a feeding center where she knows she can always find a meal, always find someone to play with, and always find someone who will care for her and pray for her.
Because of this center, Shobana has been given the gift of hope, and this sweet little girl is going to give that gift to many more people for the rest of her life.
-Written by Caleb Petersen, Photos by Bailey Theisen,Ezra Bram – 2016

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