The Backpack Project: there’s more to the story

What you hear is, “$10 buys a backpack full of school supplies for a child in need.”

But what you don’t get when you just hear that, is the sight of this backpack entering the hands of a little girl named Kiranbari. A girl who had spent night after night on her knees with her widowed mother praying for a backpack because there was no money to afford one. The sight of her as she sees God answer her prayer right before her very eyes. What you don’t get to see is this family, from a hindu background, testifying that “this backpack is from Jesus Christ,” and then sharing that faith with other villagers.

When all you hear is that one simple phrase, you miss the true story of the backpack. The story of this backpack being used by God in massive ways.

Like when a 6th grade boy named Siva starts coming to church because of this gift, then bringing his widowed mother along ultimately leading to her baptism.

Or like Subremani, a boy who’s house collapsed in the Chennai flooding but joined the church after receiving this backpack.

Or like Sasi, an 8th grade girl who lead out in starting a prayer group, all because of this small gift.

What you hear is just the details, but what you don’t get to see is that lives are eternally changing because God is using a bag with some zippers and straps on it.


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