She walked in timidly but something about her dark brown eyes gave me peace. Her old age showed her wisdom, I could tell she had been through a lot. She was short, shorter than I was and that’s saying something for someone who is 5’2. As she walked slowly towards us she grinned, she put her hands together, and slightly bowed. But it was us who should have been bowing to her. 

Vishwashamma had been homeless for years, living on the streets and was terribly ill with asthma. She was unsure of how long she was going to be able to live until one day she received a saree. Vishwashamma had never bought her own saree because that costed money which she did not have, but when Moses gifted her with one, she became hopeful. “If Christians love me when nobody else does then they must be caring”, she thought to herself. Moses brought her to his church where she learned about Jesus and soon became a believer.

On this day I saw Vishwashamma in the most beautiful saree. A sky blue color that complimented her skin tone perfectly and her appreciation was radiating. She reminded me of a butterfly. Vishwashamma now lives in a small home and shares the love of Jesus!


written by Natale Fernald, March 2018, India


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